• Poster Antarctic Water Influence in Hornsund fjord, Svalbard, Vineet J., during National Conference on Polar Sciences (NCPS) in Goa, India (16-19.05.2023) >>> DOWNLOAD
  • Presentation Newly ice-free coastal zones as emerging carbon sinks in the warming Arctic fjords (Svalbard, West Spitsbergen), Szeligowska M., during 39. Polar Symposium in Sopot (18-19.05.2023) >>> DOWNLOAD
  • Presentation Climate-related changes in total alkalinity as a key to understanding ocean acidification in the coastal zone, Kuliński K., Gonzalo F.A., Bromboszcz L., Diak M., Koziorowska-Makuch K., Makuch P., Palka I., Prusiński P., Saghravani S.R., Szymczycha B., Winogradow A., during European Geosciences Union 2023 Conference in Vienna (23-28.04.2023) >>> READ
  • Poster Remineralization of soil-derived dissolved organic carbon in the high Arctic fjord (Kongsfjorden), Koziorowska-Makuch K., Bromboszcz L., Makuch P., Pałka I., Winogradow A., Kuliński K., during European Geosciences Union 2023 Conference in Vienna (23-28.04.2023) >>> DOWNLOAD
  • The marine carbonate system variability in high meltwater season (Spitsbergen Fjords, Svalbard), Koziorowska-Makuch K., Szymczycha B., Thomas H., Kuliński K. >>> READ
  • Presentation by Prof. Mateusz Moskalik during a ArcticSGD project meeting organised at Institute of Oceanology PAS in Sopot (6-7.12.2022) >>> DOWNLOAD
  • Presentation by Prof. Mateusz Moskalik during a meeting with representatives of the Polish Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy and the countries associated to the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and EEA at IGF PAS (24.11.2022) >>> DOWNLOAD
  • Posters presented during the “Climate Change: Science & Society” conference organised in Wrocław, Poland (28-30.09.2022) >>> LONGHORN – Long-termoceanographic monitoring in Hornsund; >>> “RAW – RETREAT AND WITHER” – What is the influence of glaciers recession from tidewater to land-based on the marine biological production and biogeochemistry in the Arctic?
  • Presentation of Dr. Emilia Trudnowska during the „Underwater Vision Profiler user meeting and Make Our Planet Great Again” symposium that was hold at Labolatorie Villefranche, Sorbonne Universite (13-16.09.2022) >>> DOWNLOAD