“Once the ice is gone” – a documentary promoting the RAW project

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We invite you to watch the documentary film “Once the ice is gone” by Kuba Witek. The footage was created as part of the “RAW – Retreat And Wither” project.

Climate change and the effects of global warming are being felt all over the Earth today. The most sensitive to these changes are the polar regions, where temperature increases are almost 4 times faster than the global average.

Not surprisingly, the Arctic is getting warmer every year, its snow cover is shrinking, the extent of sea ice is shrinking, and glaciers are melting and retreating onto land. Warmer Atlantic waters are appearing more and more in the Arctic Ocean, and with them new species are displacing those always associated with polar regions. These changes are not only important for the local ecosystem, but can affect the environment of the entire Earth. These processes need to be studied and understood.

A group of scientists from two research institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Geophysics and the Institute of Oceanology, together with partners from the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, as part of the “RAW – Retreat And Wither” project, want to understand the impact of the recession of glaciers that are currently retreating into the sea on marine biological production and marine biogeochemistry in the Arctic.