Ocean Science Meeting 2024 in New Orleans

Dr. Katarzyna Koziorowska-Makuch and Dr. Karol Kuliński from the Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, scientists from the RAW project, participated in the Ocean Science Meeting 2024 conference.

The event took place on February 18-23 in New Orleans (Louisiana, USA).

We invite you to check out the conference website: https://www.agu.org/ocean-sciences-meeting.

Dr Karol Kulinski, presentation “Vertical Variability of the Marine CO2 System Structure in the Surface Water Layer of the Stratified High Arctic Fjords” // Authors: Karol Kulinski, Fernando Aguado Gonzalo, Laura Bromboszcz, Katarzyna Koziorowska-Makuch, Alexandra Loginova, Przemyslaw Makuch and Emilia Trudnowska

Dr Katarzyna Koziorowska-Makuch, presentation “Effect of Glaciers Recession on Marine Biogeochemistry in the Arctic Fjords (Spitsbergen, Svalbard Archipelago)” // Authors: Katarzyna Koziorowska-Makuch, Fernando Aguado Gonzalo, Laura Bromboszcz, Małgorzata Kitowska, Beata Szymczycha, Emilia Trudnowska, Mateusz Moskalik and Karol Kulinski,