Invitation for a webinar

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On November 29 at 5:00 p.m. there is an interesting webinar on RAW project given by Dr. Vineet Jain from our scientific team! Don’t miss it!

Title: Heat transport from Atlantic Ocean to Svalbard

Description: This talk is a simplified introduction to the role of ocean circulation in transferring heat to Svalbard. It includes a non-technical summary of the tools used by oceanographers and example data from Svalbard fjords. Overall aim is to convey the significance of oceanic processes in the climate system.

Presenter: Dr. Vineet Jain – works as an Adiunkt in the Department of Polar and Marine Research in the Institute of Geophysics (IGF PAN). He specializes in physical oceanography and his research interests include mixed-layer, water masses and ocean dynamics.

To participate in the webinar please enroll here.