New project member on board!

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We are happy to inform, that MEng Marlena Szeligowska from Institute of Oceanology PAS has joined our project team!

Marlena is marine ecologist studying the dynamics of Arctic coastal waters influenced by glacial discharge. Her research is focused on combing field studies, remote sensing and numerical modelling in order to describe the functioning of marine plankton in different regimes of particulate matter delivery with meltwater.

She is also an author of our project’s logo! The logo represents the transformations of the Arctic landscape due to the retreat of marine-terminating glaciers (supporting W letter) that will ultimately become land-based and lose their connection to the ocean (top of the letters). The colour of the letters was extracted from satellite images of the Arctic coastal waters where suspended particulate and dissolved matter transported with meltwater plumes create milky and brown zones. It is hypothesized that all the complex changes related to glacial retreat and intensified melt will lead to a net negative effect on productivity and thus the Arctic fjords will wither. Hence, the acronym RAW (retreat and wither).