Dr. Łukasz Stachnik obtained e-microNUT project

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Dr. Lukasz Stachnik from University of Wrocław, researcher at RAW project, has received funding for a project titled “e-microNUT Chemical and morphological properties of glacier-derived amorphous minerals bearing bio-essential micronutrients (High Arctic),” which will run from November 2022 untill March 2023 as part of the activities of the Electron and X-ray microscopy Community for structural and chemical Imaging Techniques for Earth materials (EXCITE) network funded by Horizon 2020.

As part of this project, Dr. Stachnik will analyze amorphous and potentially bioavailable forms of secondary minerals in suspension of glacial origin using electron and transmission microscopy techniques at the GFZ Helmholtz Centre in Potsdam. Funding in the e-microNUT project covers 23 days of access (total value of about 9,000 euros) to the specialized laboratories at the Potsdam Imaging and Spectral Analysis (PISA) Facility at GFZ.

Samples for analysis were collected in August 2022 from the fjords of western Spitsbergen as part of the RAW project, carried out in collaboration between Dr. Lukasz Stachnik and Prof. Mateusz Moskalik (RAW project manager) from the Institute of Geophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Cover photo credits: Mateusz Moskalik